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Week 30

Happy 30 Weeks to our Baby Girl Paetyn!

     Mommy and Daddy were busy working this week. Daddy went to Salt Lake for work for a few days which made Mommy sad because she wasn't able to go visit him at his work for lunch, which is always her favorite part of the day. Later in the week when Daddy was back in town working, Mommy didn't take a lunch, so Daddy brought Mom lunch: a Double-Decker PB&J sandwich with her favorite Lays Potato Chips! It was pretty amazing! He is so fun!

     After work we enjoyed decorating the house for Christmas. We were able to set up our BEAUTIFUL Nativity that we got from Grandma and Grandpa Allen for Christmas last year. It is so fun to have the house all decorated, it makes it feel so cozy! We had fun watching Christmas movies this week such as The Grinch and A Prince for Christmas (a random one we found on Netflix, don't waste your time says daddy).

     Daddy took Mommy on a surprise date night! He made it sound like we were going to have to drive really far to get there, and then 2 blocks later we pulled into the Stake Center. Our Stake put on a live Nativity where we walked through the church in groups of about 20 and stopped at little stations along the way that told the story of Jesus' birth. It was really powerful and makes Mommy so grateful for the Savior, the life He lived, the example He set for each of us to love and serve, and the sacrifices He made so we can return to live with Him and our Father in Heaven with our FAMILIES in the eternities. We enjoyed dinner together at Red Lobster that night. YUM!

     Daddy went pheasant hunting on Saturday, the last day of pheasant season for the year. While he was hunting Mommy went to visit Great-Grandma Gillett. She helped Mom make Paetyn a BEAUTIFUL blessing/burial dress out of her wedding dress. It is SO PERFECT and turned out so much better than we could have imagined. We are so excited to see our sweet Paetyn in it. That will be so special. Daddy is also working on a blanket to Paetyn just from him. It turned out SO cute! He made it with so much love and lots of kisses for his "Baby Girl"!

Great-Grandma Gillett 

Daddy also smoked us a DELICIOUS turkey. He feeds us well and keeps us growing big and strong!


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