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Help Us Light the Community

Hello to all of our wonderful family and friends! We have decided to celebrate Paetyn's Birthday a few days early this year in hopes that more of our family and friends can make it to celebrate with us. We would also like to incorporate the #LightTheWorld initiative into celebrating Paetyn on her special day and Light Our Community.

On December 15, 2018 we plan to meet at Evergreen Cemetery in Ogden at 11am to decorate the beautiful Christmas Tree that Paetyn is buried under. All are invited to join us as we decorate her tree and bring an ornament (no glass please) to hang on her tree.

We will get together after to visit and eat lunch, all are welcome. Please let us know if you plan to come so we can plan for food.

To all of our other angel families, we would love to recognize your angel too and put their name on Paetyn's Angel tree. Please let me know the name you would like on an ornament and we will provide them for you to be hung on the tree. You are also welcome to bring an ornament that represents your little one to put on the tree as well.

Paetyn is such an angel in our lives and brings us so much happiness and joy. The many things she taught us in such a short time here on earth brings us an even greater desire to serve others as Christ would.

In order to Light Our Community and give back to the wonderful community of doctors, nurses, and other families who struggle with infant loss, we will also be taking donations to McKay Dee Hospital. We feel so blessed to have worked with such great nurses and doctors who provided us with the greatest comfort and care while we spent such precious time with our Paetyn. We were extremely blessed by the many donations of other angel families and hope to be able to give others the same joy and comfort.

We plan to specifically donate Preemie clothing to fit babies 20-30 weeks. This can be found online or in most stores where other infant clothing is sold. Some doll clothing is also appropriate and used for smaller babies. Other donations are also welcome such as: Books, movies, hygiene kits, tissues, blankets, toys, stuffed animals. More ideas are available at:

For anyone who would like to donate monetarily, we will be donating to the Angel Watch Program that helped us so much in preparing to have Paetyn, understanding what to expect, and dealing with grief and emotions throughout it all. This program truly blesses our lives in ways we can't even express and we feel it incredibly important to keep this program going so others can benefit from this amazing program as well.

We would love to have anyone who is able to join us in celebrating Paetyn. Please don't feel obligated to bring anything, just knowing we have your support is more of a blessing than we could ever ask for.

If you are unable to make it and would like to send donations, you can mail them to:

590 E 2750 N Unit B Email:

North Ogden, Utah


Myers Evergreen Memorial Park:

100 N Monroe Blvd

Ogden, Utah 84404

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