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Angel Watch

One of the biggest blessings we received was being introduced to Angel Watch.  Angel Watch is a free service to any family, regardless of where in Utah you are planning to deliver, that is staffed by licensed clinical social workers, labor & delivery and postpartum nurses, bereavement specialists, and chaplains.  Angel Watch is " to support you - to offer options, information, a plan, and hope."

With the help of our Angel Watch angels, Amelia Hopkin and Cindy Price, we were able to have every detail of Paetyn's birthday planned and ready so that we were able to spend the day enjoying what time we got with Paetyn, rather than worrying about anything else.  They also helped us through all of the tougher decisions, such as what funeral home to use, where to bury her, how to plan a memorial service, and so many other hard questions that no parent should ever have to think about.  Amelia and Cindy answered every single question we had, and always did so in a very loving and respectful way.  They were by our sides all the way and were so instrumental in helping us not only get through this trial, but also to make the best of it and have no regrets.

If you or somebody you love is faced with impending infant loss, and your doctor has not put them in contact with Angel Watch, please reach out.  More information can be found on their website: 

Recently we had the opportunity to share our story with KSL News and talk about the amazing support we received from Angel Watch (link below).  We are humbled by the love and support we continue to receive and the prayers that continue to be offered in our behalf and hope that by sharing our story others can receive the help and support they need to get through the loss of a baby.


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