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Can you believe it!?! Here we are, 1 whole year has already passed. In some ways it seems like it has gone by way too fast, and in other ways it seems like it's been quite a long year. Either way, we feel so so blessed to have been surrounded by such wonderful friends and family who helped to make this year the very best, and we had a fantastic birthday celebration on Saturday to celebrate Paetyn's 1st Heavenly Birthday!

We started the day by meeting up with family and friends at Paetyn's Tree. She is buried under a beautiful Colorado Blue Spruce tree in the Myers Evergreen Cemetery in Ogden. Everyone brought an ornament that they hung on her tree. It looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL and you can tell just how loved she truly is. It's amazing that even after a year she is still teaching all of us. We can feel her sweet, loving spirit so close, encouraging us to be better and better each day.

Paetyn's Grandma Gillett brought 17 balloons to represent that she was born on the 17th, and we were all able to send a balloon up to Paetyn and let her know that we're thinking of her, and that we love her.

We went to the church after where we had pizza, PINK cake, and a fun Birthday Celebration for Princess Paetyn. So many people were so kind and donated baby clothes, money and play-doh that we were able to donate to McKay Dee Hospital where Paetyn was born.

At her birthday party we were also so excited to be able to show everyone the new video we got from Matt and Trichelle showing the first few hours of Paetyn's life!

Tim and I took the donations to the hospital a few hours after Paetyn's Birthday Party and we were able to meet up with a few of the nurses and Angel Watch staff (we missed Cindy) who helped us when Paetyn was born. We had a wonderful time visiting with them and reminiscing about that perfect day when Paetyn was born and all of the wonderful memories we share of her. The hospital was extremely grateful for all of the donations, as were we, and we were able to give a large monetary gift to the Angel Watch Program to ensure that other families will be blessed by their service as much as we were/are.

Thank you, thank you a million times over to everyone who came, mailed gifts, thought of us, prayed for us, and who have supported us over this last year. It truly means more than we could ever express. Your love and prayers have been felt and have helped us to be able to celebrate our beautiful little Paetyn and her wonderful life. We love you all and thank you for your continued support. We hope you will hold your loved ones a little closer, especially as Christmas approaches. We're so grateful for the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and the wonderful example that he gave to us through his extraordinary life. We have felt so much peace because of His Atoning sacrifice and know that we will be able to live together as an Eternal Family through Him. What a wondrous blessing! We love you all and wish you much joy and happiness!


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