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Week 26


On Sunday we carved punkins while we watched Hocus Pocus!!  They didn't turn out very well, in fact Daddy was so dissapointed in his he didn't even put it out for people to see.

Monday we went to Uncle Shabby's and watched the Broncos get their butts whipped, but we ate some delicious Moochies that you loved!!!

Tuesday we went up to Logan to go Trick-or-Treating with some of our favorite people (The Thompson's)!!  We ate some delicious chili that had a Hershey bar in it, and sat around  and chatted and laughed!  After that we went Trick-or-Treating over to Great Grandma and Grandpa Gillett's!  They were watching game 6 of the world series so we sat and watched the last inning with them.  Luckily it was almost over because Daddy can only stand about 1 inning of baseball a year!

Wednesday and Thursday daddy went duck hunting so you and mommy stayed at home and relaxed and made some cute crafts!

Friday night we went to the Brigham City Temple (we weren't very good at taking pictures this week, sorry)

Saturday Daddy went hunting again, then that evening we went and spent a looooooong time at Joanne's fabric while Mommy looked for some fabric to make you some blankets with!

Oh, and Champ of course loves to come say hi to you!!

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