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Temple Square

On November 28, 2015 daddy took mommy on a very special date to temple square. The night started by going to dinner at Texas de Brazil (daddy didn't realize how expensive that restaurant is...but it sure was worth it!) and then on a walk around Temple Square to see the lights. After walking around for quite a while, we decided to head out. While walking past the Temple, daddy said to mommy "Can I tell you something? ...I love you!" Mommy said "Aaaawwwww" and kept walking. Daddy felt like about 10 minutes went by (but it was really only about 5 seconds) until mommy finally said "Can I tell you something? I love you too!"

Going to Temple Square every year to see the lights is now a tradition for us! This year we were able to make it extra special and both of our families joined us!!

The night didn't start out great. It took us about 45 minutes to find somewhere to park. Eventually, we found a spot, and met up with everybody at Deseret Book. Grandma and Grandpa Gillett had borrowed a wheel chair from a friend so that mommy wouldn't have to walk.

Our first stop at Temple Square was at our favorite tree!!

We love it guessed it, it has orange lights!

From there we went over and watched the Nativity. Then we had to go into the visitor center to find Aunt Jacie's missionary tag that's hanging on the wall. Then it was time to go reenact the moment!!! We all gathered at the exact spot it happened and mommy and daddy acted it out for everybody!! It was a hit!!

After that we went into the Joseph Smith Memorial Building to warm up and to see the beautiful tree! While we were in there we just happened to run into mommy's best friend Aubs and her family!!!

It was a crazy night but such a great way to spend the last night before our baby girl came into the world!!!

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