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Happy Thanksgiving!!! (Week 29)

Updated: Dec 11, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving from our Little Turkey!!

What a week!!!

It's always such a blessing to be able to spend time with family, and time reflecting on all we are grateful for. This week, Paetyn was definitely at the top of our list!

    It was a short week at work which made it nice and it flew by quick! We spent most of Monday and Tuesday shopping for food and such in preparation for Thanksgiving. Daddy made his specialty Cheesecake to take to Thanksgiving dinner, and boy was it a HIT as always. He is so talented!

     On Wednesday at work, Mommy started to have some really tight chest pains. Wondering if it was something normal that would pass, but not feeling well or knowing if it was related to the Polyhydramnios or not, she called her Dr's office to ask if it was something worth being seen for or not. They told her to go straight to the hospital because chest pain wasn't something to question or push off. She didn't really want to go to the ER, especially knowing how expensive that can be, so she messaged Daddy and let him know what they had told her. Daddy came without question-He's a good husband!- and picked Mommy up from work and we went to the hospital around 11:30.

     We originally went to Labor and Delivery, but once they found out it was for chest pain, they sent us to the ER. It took us about an hour and a half to get into a room, and there they did blood work which came back indicating that Mommy could possibly have a blood clot which they thought could be in her lungs. They did a chest x-ray and then we waited and waited... and WAITED for Nuclear Medicine to come down and get me to take me for a VQ scan which is like a CT scan, but safe for pregnant women. Around 6pm they were finally ready for me to go have the scan done. So much for going back to work that day... The scan took just a few minutes and we were told that the Dr. would have the results about 20 minutes later. An hour later the Dr. came in indicating he had gone upstairs specifically to get the results and had requested they be expedited, but he still hadn't received them. It was a VERY busy day at the hospital with everyone getting their appointments in before the holiday and then staff leaving for the holiday as well. Around 7 we got results from the Dr. that my lungs were clear and there was no sign of a blood clot. Phew! We discussed the results from the blood and various other tests and will follow-up with our OB/GYN next week.

     Mommy told Daddy that if she'd have known she was going to get us out of work for the rest of the day that she would have planned it so it'd have been a little more fun than sitting in an ER room, starving, and SO ridiculously uncomfortable from being hooked up to machines and not really being able to move. On the bright side, we got to hear YOUR heartbeat and hear as you moved all around. That brightens ANY day! We love you so much Paetyn! We are grateful to know that everything came back clear, you are still happy and healthy, and even though Mom was having some good contractions, she wasn't dilated at all and you aren't quite ready to make your entrance into this world just yet. We're so excited to meet you, but we're okay for you to keep growing and developing for a couple months longer.

Happy Thanksgiving!  November 23, 2017

    We started off our Thanksgiving celebration with an Allen Family Turkey Bowl in Centerville. JoLee and Jenson came and joined us as well. It was fun to see everyone, especially since we would be spending the rest of the day with the Gillett side of the family.

    After, We went to Ali and Dave's house in Bountiful for Thanksgiving dinner with Great Grandma and Grandpa Gillett and a lot of Mom's aunts, uncles, and cousins. Dad thought we should dress Paetyn up as a Turkey for Thanksgiving, so we did! She was so cute! We had everyone write what they were grateful for on a feather that we then added to the turkey. It was really neat to hear what everyone was grateful for, and we are especially grateful for our Paetyn!

   Along with a big family comes two full football teams! Uncle Dave divided up the teams and we enjoyed a beautiful afternoon playing football together. There were lots of laugh, and even more goofballs. We sure have a fun family! We ended the evening at Ali's with many kinds of delicious pie, and of course some of Dad's delicious cheesecake!

   We went to Manti for the rest of the weekend and Jenson drove to Manti with us. He and Daddy kept Paetyn and I entertained with their wonderful singing of Christmas songs all the way there. Hooray for Christmas!

Uncle Jenson's Pick 6!!!

The Wedgie Tackle

Uncle Jenson and Daddy Enjoying Christmas Music

Friday November 24, 2017

    Daddy woke up early to take Aunt JoLee and Uncle Jenson pheasant hunting. They always love being able to spend time with him, because he's the GREATEST, but we girls already know that about him. They tried a couple of different places with no success, but right as they were getting ready to leave Champ found a pheasant and retrieved it. It was alive, but unable to fly. Daddy tried to get it to fly so that Jenson and JoLee could shoot it, and that worked pretty well. They shot it and were able to bring it home and cook it up. JoLee and Jenson had a lot of fun and wanted to keep hunting after that which they did, but they didn't find any more birds. When they cooked the pheasant later that night, JoLee bit into a couple of BBs that they missed when cleaning it out. OOPS! They also made some of Daddy's famous Shrimp to eat with the pheasant. Yum! Daddy spoils us with good food. We spent the rest of the day helping Grandma J and Grandpa work on getting the new house prepped for contractors to come in. Mommy stayed home from the new house and set up Christmas decorations. That evening, we went to Manti's Christmas Light Parade. It was nice and warm which we loved, and the parade was short and sweet, but it was so fun to see the lights and hear Christmas music and see Santa riding on the firetruck! We ended the evening by setting up the Christmas Tree and Train and watching Grandma J's favorite Christmas movie Miracle on 34th Street!

Shrimp and Pheasant

JoLee and Jenson Shooting Pumpkins

Lil' Sebastian! 


We love our Baby Paetyn and watching the Christmas Parade with her!!!

Paetyn put the star on top of the tree this year

Saturday November 25,2017

     Daddy decided it would be fun to have a bridge building contest. He, Aunt Jacie, Aunt JoLee, and Uncle Jenson each had 100 popsicle sticks that they could use in building their bridge. They spent a lot of time on Friday and Saturday working on their bridges. They turned out really well! They tested them on Sunday morning and it was so fun to watch! We worked over at the new house a little more during the day. We watched Christmas Shoes that night and everyone finished their bridges for the competition on Sunday morning. JoLee was the only one who used the correct amount of popsicle sticks, Jenson and Daddy miscounted and had more than 100... Jenson's bridge was able to hold Daddy, so it held the most weight of all the bridges. Jacie didn't put her bridge in the weight competition, but she definitely had the most creative bridge! It was a lot of fun for everyone to build and test their bridges.

After hanging 2 buckets full of hundreds of golf balls, water, and rocks from the bridges, we needed something heavier to test the bridges. They were all so strong and held up really well.

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