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Week 31

Our sweet gals from Angel Watch came over on Monday night. We sure love them so much and we're so grateful for their support. We talked with them about the memories we have been able to make with Paetyn over the past few weeks, the things that we still have on our "To-Do List" before Paetyn comes, we reviewed our birth plan, and talked about ways that we can continue to celebrate her life and give back to those who have helped us so much already, and others who may suffer from infant loss. It's amazing the resources that we have been given. They told us about a neat bear called the Comfort Cub that is specifically weighted to represent the weight of a newborn baby. We learned that it is very common for mothers leaving the hospital without their baby to have physical pain in their arms from not being able to take their baby home. These weighted bears are also proven to trigger neurotransmitters in the brain that help the body to relax, feel comforted, and relieve pain in the arms and tightness in the chest that comes from a broken-heart. We thought that was really neat to learn about! We also asked about items that hospitals were in need of that we could donate. Some of the things they mentioned included premie clothing, blankets of any size, any brand new stuffed animals, books, DVDs for mothers who are in labor for long periods of time, and any other things people could think of that mothers, fathers, or babies could enjoy or find comfort in if they are unable to bring their child home. We have been so grateful for the Angel Watch Program, the resources it has given us, and the people it has connected us to who have had similar experiences.

On Tuesday we were able to go to Mommy's Christmas Work Party. We met at Roosters where we had a delicious dinner and a fun gift exchange. Mom works with some great people and it was fun to spend time with all of them outside of work laughing and sharing stories. We bought Dr. D and Dr. P some eye doctor socks that they both sported this week; we also got Dr. D a longboard for Christmas and his face as he opened it was just PERFECT! We were impressed to see him at work the next day all in one piece after learning that he went home and tried it out that night. He is so fun!

Wednesday we had another appointment with Julia (OBGYN). Grandma G, Aunt JoLee, and Uncle Jenson came to the appointment to see your cute chubby cheeks on the ultrasound!! Everything looked good and you are growing really well!

Chubby cheek!!!

Spine and ribs

On Thursday Daddy was working on his duck boat and there were some big chunks of ice in just so happens that our silly pup LOVES ice!!!

That night we decided to be lazy and stay home and watch Home Alone!

Friday night we decided to be lazy again so we went and got some really yummy wood fired pizza and watched A Christmas Story (2nd best Christmas movie there is according to Daddy!)

Saturday Daddy's best friend Dan was in town so the boys went duck hunting in the morning. They have a tradition of going to IHOP after hunting and Mommy always gets jealous because she loves IHOP, so Daddy brought home some crepes!!! That evening we had our ward Christmas party which was an absolute blast!!! A Hispanic family in the ward made some delicious authentic Mexican food, including tacos, tamales, several different soups, and hot punch!! They also sang several hymns in Spanish and had a few pinata's for the kids!! And of course, there was a special guest!!!

Ice in the whiskers!!

Paetyn meeting Santa!!

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Adrian F Rivera
Adrian F Rivera
17 de dez. de 2017

You can do it Girl! My sister when through something similar with her first pregnancy, now they have three beautiful and healthy boys. So sorry we miss each others last time. We love you!



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